Is Shared Hosting Right For You?

is shared hosting right for you?

All webmasters need to determine the most suitable type of hosting for their needs prior to launching a website. Websites set up by small businesses and beginner bloggers usually opt for shared hosting as it meets their requirements while proving them with the benefit of being the most affordable option.

However, you are probably wondering: is shared hosting right for you? Before we provide an answer to this question, we will take a look at 3 common types of hosting plans. 

1. Shared Hosting

With a shared hosting plan, your website is hosted using a shared server. Under such circumstances, sites are hosted using a shared physical machine that shares server resources such as the CPU, RAM and the storage.

Normally, an abnormal increase or demand on resources from one website will cause other sites sharing the same server to suffer; although, this seldom happens. Security vulnerabilities is yet another issue on the shared server although hosting services providers implement necessary measures that thwart the attacks. 

2. VPS Virtual Private Server hosting

VPS is often viewed as more robust, offers lots of bandwidth and disk space, and just like the name indicates, more privacy. On a VPS plan, a website is also hosted using shared server resources; although in this case, partitions are less and consequently, there is more room.

More importantly, private disk allocation feature enables you to enjoy hosting services as though you are on another physical server thereby allowing you administrative control. 

3. Dedicated Hosting

This is the ultimate plan. You are provided a physical server entirely for your website, with faster speeds and enhanced security measures put in place. As a result, there is no need to worry anymore about sharing resources with other clients. in addition, you get full control when it comes to configuring the server.

However, if you do not fancy configuring servers on your own, you can simply delegate the responsibility to someone who possesses the necessary technical skills. Dedicated hosting plans are pricier when compared to other hosting plans and the average price is approximately $150 per month. Although if you include support features like a firewall and management, the figure could go to as high as $1000 per month. 

The type of hosting you would require is determined by several factors, with the main one being traffic expected. Although hosting service providers may promise unlimited space and bandwidth, such a thing is non-existent.

Despite this, you will be glad to learn that majority of websites using shared server resources consume as little as half of allocated resources thereby allowing some websites to consume the rest of the unused portions.

We can comfortably conclude that the shared hosting plans are adequate for average bloggers and small websites. The cost of such a plan is quite affordable and majority of the Singapore web hosting companies allow clients to upgrade to either dedicated or VPS based on needs that may arise.

Furthermore, if you build your website using WordPress, certain things can be done to supercharge the site for the best performance possible like installing WP SuperCache plugin that will effectively cache pages and reduce server load.

If you’re looking for a reliable shared host you should check out Radiant Republic where they have awesome reviews on the best web hosts in Singapore.


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